Working from home can still be productive, energizing and refreshing!

While we are in the midst of an unfortunate lock down, we have to continue to support our team working remotely to ensure some level of business continuity.


CETC has put together some tips to assist your team during this period.


You may share the the link with your team.

Do connect with us on cetcmumbai@cetcindia.com for any queries.

Stay Safe Stay Healthy :) :D

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The Wellness and Wellbeing (W&W) service, an Employee Assistance Program is brought to you by CETC in collaboration with Independent Counselling and Advisory Services (ICAS) India.

ICAS India’s strategic objective is to provide clients with a Wellness & Wellbeing (W&W) service of the highest international standards that is effective and makes a difference to the lives of people in the organization.

The primary goal of the Wellness and Wellbeing service is to inform and build skills in employees to take ownership of their wellbeing (psychological, social and physical) and to provide them with the necessary support to make informed decisions relating to their professional and personal lives.

Every effort is made to through an EAP to integrate wellbeing into the fabric of the organisation; enhance individual functioning; promote better work satisfaction and morale; improve the quality and productivity of work; and create a supportive workplace climate and culture. The service is comprehensive, flexible, accessible, professional, highly responsive and accountable.

It is available to all employees and their immediate family members (parents, children living under the same roof, and also includes dependants living away from home, such as children at college or university).

ICAS India counsellors are friendly and caring. Our team of professionally qualified counsellors and social workers work towards providing service of the highest international standards.

www.icasindia.com www.icasworld.com

Objectives of Wellness & Wellbeing Services

thinkPositiveThe service is a strategic intervention designed to produce organizational benefits by identifying and resolving employees’ personal and work related concerns:

  • The service promotes and maintains a healthy balance in employees’ personal and professional lives.
  • It provides confidential assistance to employees during times of emotional turmoil and helps them overcome a range of personal problems that interfere with their ability to function efficiently and safely on the job.
  • It also provides a support system to assist employees to meet performance expectations.