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The Outbound training model is an exciting and highly effective alternate training format in the area of people development. Our outbound locations provide opportunities to think and experience learning in an unfettered environment away from the concrete jungle.

The methodology is experiential and gives participants the advantage to appreciate each other in an uncommon and stress free environment. Participants work individually and in groups and perform certain physical activities which uncover hidden potentials and test limits.

Our adventure specialists, facilitators and trainers work towards providing participants with meaningful challenges within a framework of safety in order to perceive deep social and personal awareness.

Our Edutainment activities facilitate overcoming fears, achievement orientation, taking initiative, interdependence and leadership acumen among others

Illustrative Activities In An Outbound Programme Include:

  • Rappelling.
  • Rock Climbing.
  • River Crossing.
  • Leap of Faith.
  • Burma Bridge.
  • Survival.
  • Team Cohesiveness Games.