Bell ‘HUMSE HAIN BELL’ – Creating responsible citizens. The Assignment 1. A three year work culture re-engineering project for the employees on the shop-floor. 2. Audience strength: 350 employees at the Dora plant in Baroda. The Brief To make every employee a ‘responsible citizen’. The employees at Bell Ceramics were local people with an agricultural background who had little or no concept of industrial work culture and demands. The Intervention Stimulus Conceived and designed a blue-print of HR intervention & training to bring about a complete culture change to meet the demands of the growing tile industry. The intervention was phased across a span of 3 years and included. Tooling
  • 1. Games/Activities
  • 2. Film Clippings
Learning Outcomes
  • 1. The attitudinal change in the employees within the first year of intervention brought about a significant impact on the bottom-line of the organization. (The production of 1st quality wall tiles leaped/increased from a mere 20% to 80%)
  • 2. The company towards the end of the 3 year period no longer needed to budget for wages for contract labour as accountability increased and the issue of absenteeism was resolved.