SURAKSHA – An innovative audio-visual medium of training truck drivers to ‘be responsible citizens‘.

The Assignment

Training truck fleet crew of HPCL on importance of Safety when transporting hazardous and inflammable products

The Brief

To improve attitude and ensure strict compliance of safety practices. To communicate the message effectively to a widespread audience with low educational level. Assessment of knowledge assimilation after every training programme. The Intervention Stimulus

A two part audio visual module was conceived, designed, and imparted. The training modules were repeated every quarter to reinforce the learnings. For workers at each of the 97 locations across India, the trainers conducted four workshops in a year. The module was pictorial based for better understanding and assimilation. The film and the delivery of the training programme were translated in 9 regional languages.

A test was given after every programme to assess participants’ knowledge assimilation. Each participant’s assessment was uploaded online and a History Card was generated which reflected the participant’s progress across four quarters


  • Customised film based module in 9 regional languages.
  • Activities/games
  • Forced Choice Dichotomous test to measure learning & retention

Learning outcomes

  • Enhanced adherence to safety practices by the Tank Truck Crew and contract workmen.
  • Increased understanding of and a responsible attitude towards safety among 15,000 employees of the truck fleet crew PAN India.